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About D3 Protection

 The world wide Headquarters of D3 Protection is located at the foot of the rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I have been producing leather items since 1999 but started making saps in 2003. I worked in a factory heat treating steel from 1990 when I got out of high school to 2007 and leather was only a hobby for all those years. In 2003 I made my first sap for a friend, It was a copy of a bucheimer junior and started me down the road of sap and blackjack making. I started the first website with no knowledge of the internet or how websites worked and with no customers..... The learning curve was a long one and I did need to get a retail job to make ends meet, however the knowledge I was able to glean from the business owners and leather workers I met working at Tandy leather factory was invaluable. I have been blessed these years and something recently said has inspired my spirit....

"Think Big, And dream Bigger" - Donald Trump

Country : USA Date: 16 Jun 2012 12:17:23 GMT

Comment : I ordered a D3 Junior in saddle tan & it is outstanding. The craftsmanship is top notch! It came in weighing 10 1/8 oz. It rides perfectly in my front pocket when I\'m out and about. Thanks Dave!

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